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Agenda Committee

Jason Wilder
(610) 989-9090

The Agenda Committee plans the NAAIM annual Uncommon Knowledge conference and Outlook Conference, including speakers, agenda, golf and all social events. The 2014 Uncommon Knowledge conference will be held May 4 – 7, at the Hyatt Regency Pier 66 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Georgia.

Industry Relations Committee

Jerry Wagner
(248) 642-6640

The purpose of the Industry Relations Committee is to further relations with regulatory bodies and investment sponsors, excluding NAAIM sponsorship activities. The committee provides input to the membership on particular concerns or changes that the committee becomes aware of within the regulatory or investment sponsor community and coordinates responses as appropriate.

Membership Marketing and Retention Committee

Ian Nasmith
(941) 966-0448

The Membership Marketing and Retention Committee objective is to promote membership in NAAIM through recruitment of new members and retention of the existing membership base. The committee oversees and sets procedures for following up with prospective members, including composition of the membership information mailing, letter to prospects and personal follow-up. It also oversees the renewal process, membership director, membership mailing list and prospect list.

Membership Services and Promotion Committee

Will Hepburn
(928) 778-4000

Ted Lundgren
(281) 589-2632

The job of the Membership Services and Promotion Committee objective is to look for ways to increase the value of membership in NAAIM, from member discounts to special programs.

Regional Meeting Committee

Ted Lundgren
(281) 589-2632

The Regional Meeting Committee is responsible for coordinating and supporting NAAIM’s regional meetings.

Sponsor Relations Committee

Renee Toth
(248) 642-6640

The purpose of the Sponsor Relations Committee is to grow and improve existing and prospective sponsor relationships with the goal of mutual growth through symbiotic, value-added benefits for sponsors and NAAIM membership. Sponsor relationships are developed from the myriad businesses of NAAIM members and include Service Providers (administrative, legal, software, business, marketing, advice); Investment Providers (custodial, products); and Business Alliances (brokers, record keepers, Web/Internet providers). Benefits to sponsors and members include education and networking opportunities, web tools, product development, joint marketing and promotion of the active management industry.

Technology Committee

Dave Moenning
(303) 670-9761

The Internet Committee, created in 1997, is responsible for monitoring the design and implementation of NAAIM-related activities using the Internet. Specific tasks include maintenance of the existing NAAIM web site, maintaining the member chat room (Adviser Exchange) and linking NAAIM to other Internet sources and references. Adjunct activities include the creation of resource lists for member firms interested in creating their own web sites and linking to NAAIM.

Wagner Award Committee

Greg Morris
(800) 222-7636

Renee Toth
(248) 642-6640

The Wagner Award is a competition for academic papers supporting the cause of active management. The committee plans and executes the request for papers, the judging of papers submitted, and the presentations of winning papers at the Uncommon Knowledge conference.