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At NAAIM, you won’t find investment managers who create static portfolios, park their clients’ money and move on, checking back only to collect their fees. What you will find are innovators. Managers who don’t believe that just because the market drops, their clients’ portfolios are justified in doing the same. Advisers who look for new answers, better ways to invest their clients’ assets and better ways to manage their businesses.

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On My Radar: Purgatory and Bubbles

“A safe investment is an investment whose dangers are not at that moment apparent.” – Lord Bauer All investments involve risk…. [ Read More ]

Why It’s Called the Almighty Dollar

It may be a good time to plan that European vacation. The long-weak dollar is gaining strength again, which means… [ Read More ]

All Bets Are Off Now…

  Any analysis of the stock market action or the macroeconomic picture done prior to Friday morning is likely to… [ Read More ]

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May 03
Uncommon Knowledge 2015 – National Conference

Uncommon Knowledge® is the nation’s preeminent conference for the Active Investment Manager. With a wide variety of speakers and panelists,… [ Read More ]

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