One of my personal pet peeves about market pundits these days is the preponderance of bubbles being sighted. Nary a day goes by where you don’t see an article on the major financial sites about a bubble in this or a bubble in that. The problem is that almost by definition, when a bubble is forming, nobody sees it.

Think back to the heady days of early 2000. Do you recall an uproar about the new metrics analysts were devising to tell us that valuations in stocks (price-to-eyeballs was a thing) weren’t a problem? Lest we forget, Mr. Jim Cramer was busy telling anyone that would listen to buy baskets of technology stocks – that way you wouldn’t miss out when one exploded to the upside!

Then there was the housing bubble. Yes, John Paulson did indeed get that one right. But if you will remember, he was VERY early and nearly went bankrupt trying to play the short side of the housing game. (Thank goodness Goldman Sachs came to his rescue and built all those securities designed to fail for him!) And here’s a question, did you or anyone you know raise a stink about the value of your homes persistently rising over that 3-4 year period?

In case it isn’t obvious, the point is that there weren’t websites filled with warnings during either of those bubbles. Yes fans, THOSE were indeed bubbles and by now, everybody on the planet knows how things turned out. Heck with a little luck and/or the help of a few algo-induced buy programs, the NASDAQ might actually get back to the high it hit 15 years ago soon!

What About Today?

My apologies for the digression into what will likely be perceived as ancient history. Getting back to the present, the question of the day is if there are bubbles forming in today’s markets.

The argument raging currently is that central bank intervention, which many argue now borders on manipulation, is either creating, or will create, “unintended consequences” (analyst speak for “bubble”) in many areas.

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