Outgoing Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke delivered far-ranging remarks last week at a Brookings Institution event.

In what might be his last major public appearance before handing the reins to Janet Yellen in February, Bernanke explored the historic precedents for the Fed’s handling of the 2007-2009 financial crisis, largely defended Fed policy during and after the crisis, and looked at both the pros and cons of quantitative easing.

If you have a serious interest in Fed policy and its rationale over the past six years, I highly recommend viewing this lengthy but fast-moving interview with Chairman Bernanke.

I posted a brief summary of Bernanke’s remarks on my Forbes blog on Sunday and was frankly shocked at the response it generated. One would naturally think that the generally upper-demographic Forbes reader might be hugely supportive of Bernanke and the Fed’s quantitative easing policy, which has inflated both stock market and housing prices.

But this was far from the case,…

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