By Paul Katseff, Investor’s Business Daily

Best Mutual Funds 2015: November Performance Report

U.S. diversified stock mutual funds edged up 0.78% in November, a month jabbed by terror attacks and gray economic news in much of the world.

The stock market’s gain was small, but it was an advance nonetheless.

And it reflected investors’ growing comfort with the prospect of a rate hike by the Federal Reserve.

Investors were welcoming a Fed rate hike as a sign that the U.S. economy is strong enough to absorb a 25 basis point increase,” said Omar Aguilar, chief investment officer of equities for Charles Schwab Investment Management.

 It also reflected the strength of the dollar, which has trended higher since mid-October.

“Money flows where it is treated best, and that’s in the U.S. dollar — which sort of equals U.S. large-cap stocks,” said Paul Schatz, president of investment management firm Heritage Capital and treasurer of the National Association of Active Investment Managers.

November’s gain was not easy.

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