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NAAIM is the optimal resource for active managers and a means for our sponsors to reach innovative, leading edge money managers. The success of NAAIM over its 29-year history is a result of the unique relationship between the members of NAAIM and the sponsors of our conferences and events. Many of the innovative investment tools available today to active managers were created in collaboration with NAAIM members, with the NAAIM membership among the first to support the new tools from mutual funds to trust companies, service providers and more.

To provide firms with access to the NAAIM membership, NAAIM offers a range of sponsorship opportunities during its annual Uncommon Knowledge and Outlook Conferences and through-out the year.

Each sponsorship level enjoys different benefits and exposure detailed in the Sponsorship Opportunities Brochure. Your firm may also opt to sponsor foursomes in the NAAIM Classic Golf Tournament, support the NAAIM Shark Tank competition, or host NAAIM’s conference app.

We invite you to take advantage of the sponsorship opportunities available.


NAAIM’s 2020 Sponsorship Opportunities Brochure & Benefits Matrix

National Sponsorship is available as an exclusive opportunity. This sponsorship level offers exceptional visibility within the NAAIM membership as well as the opportunity to offer complimentary guest passes to non-member RIAs to attend the NAAIM conferences. The National Sponsor is recognized throughout the year in NAAIM newsletters, on the NAAIM website, in Emails to the membership and on signage at all NAAIM events and on each conference app. The National Sponsor also gains an exceptional opportunity to address the membership through the Keynote Speaker at the Uncommon Knowledge Conference and to support active management as the host of the Monday evening dinner event.  Visibility is further enhanced by premium ads in the bimonthly Active Manager newsletter and sponsor directory, and guest blogs on the NAAIM website.

At the conferences, the National Sponsor has preferred booth placement and is recognized on the conference banner, in special event signage, on the conference promotional information and on-site attendee packet. The dominant position in the sponsor hall is reserved for the National Sponsor. Sponsor representatives are involved in speaker introductions and acknowledged to the full conference audience by the NAAIM leadership for making possible special events and programs.

The National Sponsor also has the first right of refusal on new sponsorship opportunities, and hosts two foursomes for the NAAIM Golf Classic.

Only the National and Platinum Sponsors are eligible to exhibit at both the Uncommon Knowledge and Outlook conferences.

Platinum sponsorship comes second only to the National Sponsor in terms of visibility. This sponsorship opportunity includes participation in both the Uncommon Knowledge and Outlook conferences, recognition as Platinum Sponsor in conference promotional emails and brochure, as well as on-site recognition as co-sponsor of the Sunday night Welcome Reception and Tuesday evening dinner party at the Uncommon Knowledge conference.  A 15-minute sponsored bonus session in the general meeting hall at Uncommon Knowledge provides an expanded opportunity to tell the company’s story and explain its products and services.  Guest passes, webinars, blog postings on the NAAIM website and Active Manager Newsletter ads offer additional support to your sales team.

Only the National and Platinum Sponsors are eligible to exhibit at both the Uncommon Knowledge and Outlook conferences.

The Gold Sponsorship level is designed for firms seeking exposure primarily at the NAAIM conferences, along with year-round access to the NAAIM membership list, online NAAIM Community and profile on the NAAIM website. Gold Sponsors are co-sponsors of the conference breakfasts and breaks held in the Sponsor Hall, and receive one guest pass to Uncommon Knowledge for distribution to a non-member RIA. Their support is recognized on the NAAIM website, in the NAAIM Active Manager newsletter, in conference emails and printed materials, and through signage during conference events.

A Silver Sponsorship is NAAIM’s traditional conference offering. This Sponsorship level allows a firm to present its products and services to the full NAAIM membership through the convenience of a table display in the sponsor hall and through participation in all conference activities.

To optimize exposure for all of its sponsors, NAAIM holds breakfast buffets and all refreshment breaks in the Sponsor Hall. Depending on the conference site configuration, the Tuesday evening dinner party is typically held in the Sponsor Hall.

NAAIM’s Innovation Sponsorship opportunity is designed for small and emerging firms offering innovative services or products to the NAAIM membership. For one day of the Uncommon Knowledge conference, Innovation Sponsors display their products and services through an exhibitor table outside the main sponsor hall. Innovation Sponsors are firms that might not otherwise be able to participate in the annual conference but whose offerings could benefit the NAAIM membership. It’s an opportunity to introduce new software and service providers to our membership and bring new ideas to the NAAIM membership. Ideally, we want to see our Innovation Sponsors succeed to become full conference sponsors in the future.