About Trendrating

Conventional data, old methodologies, and out-of-date investment processes, cannot capture changing market dynamics and struggle to grasp actual price trends. Deciphering trends is the main driver for performance maximization and risk control. The new forces driving price trends result in fundamentals having a declining impact. Acknowledging and evaluating the true direction and quality of trends is what most underperforming fund managers ignore.

Trendrating enhances the process of investment analysis and management with well-validated, state-of-the-art technology that generates ratings data and advanced analytics on over 17,000 global equities, ETFs, Countries, Sectors and Industries. The results are measurable, actionable, and published publicly on a monthly basis.  Our multi-factor model allows portfolio managers to validate existing holdings using a “Trend Validation” that is over 70 percent accurate. Trendrating also provides a flexible interface to construct custom portfolios combining Value, Growth and Trendrating’s proprietary scoring system to invest in the strongest trends in your desired universe.

Trendrating has been servicing over 200 asset managers, investment advisors, banks and wealth managers globally since 2014 and is a partner of Bloomberg and Euronext. Trendrating is headquartered in Lugano, Switzerland with regional offices in London and Boston.

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