Direxion Investments is a powerful ally for both strategic and tactical investors seeking to solve for better investment outcomes.

Building on over 17 years of experience with highly liquid, tactical and strategic institutional-style ETFs and Mutual Funds, Direxion Investments provides a wide range of index-based products that offer directional options, magnified exposure, and long-term rules-based strategies.

Our diverse suite of products help traders and investors stay nimble in the short-term, and pursue strategies for the long-term, as they navigate today’s ever-changing markets.

Founded in 1997, Direxion has 4 offices in the U.S. and Hong Kong.

For financial advisors, individual investors, institutions, and active traders, Direxion specializes in providing solutions that deliver:

      • A means toward seeking specific outcomes, such as broader diversification, dampened volatility and income or alpha generation
      • Efficient access to non-correlated asset classes and strategies
      • Flexibility to position portfolios opportunistically for near- and long-term market trends
      • Liquid, cost effective access to sophisticated strategies

Our role is to complement your core investment strategies, not to replace them. Our funds allow you to seek opportunities in all market conditions offering fresh solutions to challenge old standards.

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