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2016 NAAIM Shark Tank Finalists

David Bush, Alphatative LLC
Stratversify® / 855-639-2574
Category: Established
Strategy: Tactical
Profile: ALPHATATIVE LLC manages money quantitatively for sophisticated investors through separately managed ac-counts and other investment vehicles. Offering the award-winning L/S equity Stratversify® and niche, machine- learning Gene En-sembleTM strategies, our philosophy is best expressed by the late mathematician Mandelbrot who said: “Bottomless wonders spring from simple rules repeated without end.” Whether in nature or markets, simple things are more robust and better suited for adversity. We believe that investors deserve a firm with skin in the game that is logically driven to deliver superior absolute returns. Driven to protect. Driven to grow. Logically Driven.


Joseph Childrey, Probabilities Fund Management, LLC
Probabilities Fund
Mary Gray, / 800-519-0438
Category: Established
Strategy: Long/Short US Equity
Profile: The Probabilities strategy seeks capital appreciation by systematically investing to gain long, short or leveraged exposure primarily to the S&P 500, through Index ETFs. Up 138.55% through September 2015 since January 1, 2008 inception, the Probabilities Fund (mutual fund symbol PROTX) has produced attractive absolute, relative and risk-adjusted returns over multiple time periods with average to below aver-age volatility to our benchmark and has doubled the performance of the S&P 500. The strategy’s historically low correlation may provide diversification benefits to traditional portfolio allocations. The Fund was up 5.27% in 2008 and up 13.65% in 2011, and has never had a down year utilizing an active strategy inspired by the Stock Trader’s Almanac, now in its forty-ninth year.

Jeff Kilburg, KKM Financial
KKM Enhanced U.S. Equity Fund / 312-448-7230
Category: Emerging
Strategy: Long/Short
Profile: The KKM Enhanced U.S. Equity methodology offers investors the ability to strategically invest in a broadly diversified portfolio of U.S. stocks through ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds) with the enhanced diversification of an optimal volatility hedge that includes embedded daily tail-risk protection. Our approach is simple – quantitatively select superior sectors inside of the 10 sectors that compose the U.S. stock market and then dynamically allocate to volatility based upon methodology that utilizes historical and forward-looking market volatility trends.

Mark Pankin, MDP Associates
NDX Trading / 703-524-0937
Category: Established
Strategy: Tactical, US Timing
Profile: MDP Associates NDX Trading program has been used in a real Rydex account for over 13 years and has produced consistent profits with quite acceptable drawdowns and other risk metrics. The basic model is based on the tendency of small caps to trend up after and trend down before the large cap, technology laden, Nasdaq 100. The model is supplemented by occasional use of leverage during strong up trends and short-term trades from “oversold” conditions when the model is on a sell signal. The methods have been used to trade a NAAIM investment account since June 2014.

Mark C. Scheffler, Appleton Group, LLC
Appleton Group Portfolio
Peter Mutschler, / 866-993-7727
Category: Established
Strategy: Tactical, Global Tactical
Profile: The Appleton Group Portfolio employs an ETF trend-following discipline designed to systemati-cally adjust the portfolio as market conditions change. This strategy seeks to invest exclusively in exchange-traded funds whose current price trend is rising, while eliminating exposure to ETFs whose current price trend is falling. With more than 15 years of third-party verified performance (GIPS Compliant since 2006), The Appleton Group Portfolio is designed to give investors and advisors a comfortable, predictable and positive investing experience over reasonable periods of time.

John Worthington, Dauble+Worthington Equity Portfolios
D&W Sector Rotation / 812-401-8706
Category: Established
Strategy: Sector Rotation
Profile: D+W Sector Rotation seeks to maximize return through capital appreciation with low correlation to broad market indices. The model follows proprietary trend and relative strength indicators and seeks to achieve its investment objective by investing in specific mutual funds in the ProFunds Ultra Sector series which include 1.5x leverage. It may invest in, and may shift frequently among these funds and money markets.