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Active Management Library

This is a listing of some of the many resources that NAAIM members can use to educate themselves about Active Investment Management. If you’re a NAAIM member, login and go to the NAAIM Community to view or download the information that you need. If you are not a NAAIM member, visit our Membership page to learn more about NAAIM and how you can benefit by joining.


April 2024 – The Active Manager Newsletter (NAAIM)

February 2024 – The Active Manager Newsletter (NAAIM)

October 2023 – The Active Manager Newsletter (NAAIM

The Road Map for Active Managers – 2023 (NAAIM)

July 2023 – The Active Manager Newsletter (NAAIM)

April 2023 – The Active Manager Newsletter (NAAIM)

February 2023 – The Active Manager Newsletter (NAAIM)

Select Webinar Recordings can be found at:  NAAIM GoTo STAGE


Industry Reports

Resources on “Market Timing”

NAAIM defends active investment management in comments responding to a Department of Labor Rulemaking: October, 2008

NAAIM Position Paper on Redemption Fees: 

“The Performance of Professional Market Timers: Daily Evidence From Executed Strategies”
Journal of Financial Economics, Don M. Chance and Michael L. Hemler


All About Market Timing – Leslie N. Masonson, McGraw Hill 

The Essential Basics of Technical Analysis for Financial Advisors – Walter Deemer
Everything you Know About Investing is Wrong – John K. Sosnowy with Kori S. Voorhees, Xlibris Corporation
Lasting Wealth is a Matter of Timing – John Sosnowy, 21st Century Publishers
Panic-Proof Investing – Thomas F. Basso, John Wiley & Sons


The Journal of Investing Summer, 1997 Why Market Timing Works
The Investment Reporter January, 1996 Buy-and-Hold Brinkmanship: A Young Person’s Investment Game
Personal Financial Planning November/ December, 1996 Adding a Dynamic Component to the Asset Allocation Mix
Financial Planning on Wall Street April, 1994 Market Timing Strategies Spell $s
AAII Journal May, 1994 The Market Timing Approach: A Guide to the Various Strategies
Hulbert Financial Digest August, 1993 It’s a Matter of Time
Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities December, 1994 Three Market Timing Strategies


2015 Uncommon Knowledge Interviews, Courtesy of OC Talk Radio)

  1. The NAAIM Conference discussion – approx. 60 minutes

  1. Interviews with 12 different NAAIM Conference attendees – Each last 3 – 7 minutes
    1. Ben Warwick –
    2. David Walton –
    3. Ken Graves –
    4. Ralph Doudera –
    5. Dudley Lehmer –
    6. Larry McMillan –
    7. Jonathan Wallentine –
    8. Mike Dean –
    9. Michael Gayed –
    10. John McClure –
    11. Tyler Wood –
    12. Paul Schatz –