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NAAIM Membership Types

Individual or Firm Regular Members:

  • Registered as an Investment Adviser or an Investment Advisor Representative with the Securities and Exchange Commission or with any state securities administrator for a period of at least one year.
  • Regularly engaged in active investment management for individual retail client accounts through the use of a limited power of attorney with respect to investment in mutual funds and other appropriate investment vehicles.
  • Subscribe to the NAAIM Code of Ethics and Fair Practices Policy.

Individual or Firm Special Members:

  • Subscribe to the NAAIM Code of Ethics and Fair Practices Policy
  • Membership must be accepted by a NAAIM board of directors vote and will last for one calendar year.

Associate Members:

  • Companies and Individuals offering investment vehicles, products and services used by active investment managers. This includes fund companies, market analytics, custodians, compliance and marketing support, back office administration and more.
  • NAAIM Associate Membership is included with the National, Platinum, Gold or Silver NAAIM Sponsorship commitments.
  • Examples of Associate Members may include the following (without limitation):¬†mutual funds, trust companies, broker-dealers, investment advisors to mutual funds, media, newsletters, performance measurement firms, pension administrators, firms providing professional services to regular members, and such other individuals or firms as the Board of Directors shall designate

Please note: NAAIM reserves the right to place the membership application in the appropriate category and adjust the dues accordingly.

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NAAIM offers a variety of benefits to its members, including special member discounts for NAAIM events, exclusive member-only access to the NAAIM Community, an online discussion board plus access to the NAAIM Indicator Wall, one of NAAIM’s signature programs.

For a detailed look at all that NAAIM can offer its members, please use the link below.

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