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NAAIM offers a variety of live webcasts and recorded webinars for their members. By providing this information in an interactive, online environment where advisors can ask questions and by offering the webinar in an on-demand environment, NAAIM strives to allow members to learn and grow their Active Investment Knowledge on their own time, in the way that suits them best.

Many courses are offered with continuing education credit for the Certified Financial Planner® Professional.

See below or view our calendar for our upcoming webcasts.

UPCOMING WEBINARS – September 2020 

How Government Policy Drives Markets:  Ben Phillips, Chief Investment Officer, EventShares

Actions in Washington D.C. can be a powerful leading indicator for investment returns. By identifying big changes in government policy, investors can uncover “policy alpha” opportunities at the sector down to the individual security level. Policy catalysts also yield uncorrelated return opportunities outside of the economic cycle. Learn how to identify and position portfolios to benefit from long-term policy themes.

Learn how to identify powerful long-term leading indicators of changes to company and industry fundamentals. Then explore how to build a portfolio of single-name stocks and bonds to gain exposure to thematic catalysts.

About the Presenter:  Ben Phillips serves as the Chief Investment Officer of EventShares, a government policy-based investment firm. The firm strives to identify changes in government policy and invests based on actions in Washington D.C., which can be a powerful leading indicator for investment returns. Ben is also a founder and Managing Director of the actionable market insights firm, MarketDesk Research. MarketDesk provides institutional-quality investment research at a highly competitive price.

Previously, Ben was with Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM), where he had portfolio management responsibilities across several multi-sector total return funds. Prior to GSAM, he held senior investing roles at Providence Equity Partners and Lord Abbett. He is a CFA charterholder and received an MBA and BSBA in Finance from the University of Missouri. Ben is currently on the Board of Directors for CFA Society Orange County.


Past Webinar Recordings

What Option Indicators Are Saying About This Market — Now!  Larry McMillan, Founder and President, McMillan Analysis Corp.

In this webinar  you will learn why certain option data is useful in helping predict broad market movements.  Larry McMillan will discuss the current state of those indicators.  He will share why put-call ratios are powerful, contrary to indicators with a good track record of market prediction. He will also discuss why volatility derivatives and indices are useful, especially in determining extreme oversold conditions and buying opportunities, but also in discerning the trend of the broad stock market. Lastly, Larry will touch on the current state of market breadth and how it relates to market prediction as well.

  • Featured Speaker: Larry McMillan, Founder and President, McMillan Analysis Corp.
  • Approved for 1 hour of CFP® CE credit through December 2020 and 1 hour of CMT® CE credit

Recorded September 9, 2020

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Navigating Covid and the Election with Data-Driven Investing – John Kosar, Asbury Research LLC

John Kosar, CMT®, presented a current look at the latest US and global market conditions according to Asbury Research’s completely data-driven approach to investing.  The webinar took an under-the-hood look at the global financial landscape via Asbury’s in-house quantitative models which indicate when to be adding and removing risk from portfolios and, during “Risk On” environments, which countries, sectors, industry groups, and individual stocks and ETFs to be invested in.

  • Featured Speaker:  John Kosar, Asbury Research LLC
  • Approved for 1 hour of CFP® CE credit through December 2020 and 1 hour of  CMT® CE Credit

Recorded August 19, 2020

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Values-aligned Investing:  What it is and why it is here to stay – Bill Davis, Stance Capital, LLC

Values-aligned investing goes by many names. Sometimes it is referred to as Socially Responsible Investing (SRI). More recently it is referred to as ESG (environmental, social governance). The field of values-aligned investing also incorporates faith-based approaches.

Bill Davis explained each of these approaches, their origins, and how they are different. In particular, we will focus on ESG, which along with the advent of greater transparency by public corporations, and strong performance has gained traction among retail and institutional investors. Given expected generational wealth transfers to Millennial and Gen Z investors, values-aligned investing is expected to grow significantly in the years ahead. This represents a both a threat and an opportunity to asset management firms, regardless of asset class.

  • Featured Speaker:  Bill Davis, Stance Capital, LLC
  • Approved for 1 hour of CFP® CE credit through December 2020 and 1 hour of  CMT® CE Credit

Recorded August 12, 2020

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Quantifiable Edges for Active Investing – Rob Hanna, Quantifiable Edges & Hanna Capital Management, LLC

Since Rob began utilizing quantitative analysis in 2004, he has published thousands of studies related to market action and indicators. Here he will share several of his favorite studies from his years of research. He’ll also share some of his favorite indicators, as well as ideas on how to compare and evaluate indicators. You’ll learn the concepts Rob finds most important for the strategies he employs when attempting to make more efficient use of capital, increase profits, and contain drawdowns.

Recorded July 16, 2020

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What You Own in this Market Matters – A Lot!  Learn How to Stay on the Leader Bandwagon – John Worthington, Dauble+Worthington Equity Portfolios

In this webinar, 2019 NAAIM Active Investing Strategy Competition (aka “Shark Tank”) Winner John Worthington will review how his firm identifies and invests in market leaders using their D+W Sector Rotation strategy.

  • Featured Speaker: John Worthington, Founder and Partner of Dauble+Worthington Equity Portfolios

Recorded July 8, 2020

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Demonstrating Client Leadership – Julie Littlechild, Absolute Engagement

As we move through the current crisis, clients are being bombarded by ‘reassuring messages’ that are all starting to sound the same.  If your goal is to demonstrate true leadership to clients, you need to understand what matters most to them, right now, and then cut through the noise by providing meaningful and personalized support. The question is how.  Join Julie Littlechild to hear new research on what clients need right now and how you can demonstrate true leadership.

  • Featured Speaker: Julie Littlechild, Absolute Engagement
  • This webinar is approved for 1 CE credit toward CFP®, CIMA®, CPWA®, CIMC® and RMA®

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Before It’s Too Late: Using Lumber, and Gold to Actively Manage Stocks & Bonds –
Michael Gayed, Lead-Lag Publishing, LLC

Michael A. Gayed co-authored three award-winning papers in 2014 and 2016, and also won the 2015 Founders Award for his paper documenting how Lumber and Gold can be used as signals for managing investment portfolios. This eye-opening paper focuses on the predictive power of two seemingly unrelated commodities which provide important information on the economic cycle, and risk-seeking behavior in various assets. His work has important implications for both asset allocators and active managers.

  • Featured Speaker:  Michael Gayed, Lead-Lag Publishing, LLC
  • Approved for 1 CE credit toward CFP® – through December 31, 2020.

Recorded June 10, 2020

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Plumbing for a Stock Market Low – Doug Ramsey, The Leuthold Group, LLC

Doug Ramsey’s presentation discussing the stock market’s recent action, and outlook using the Leuthold Group’s “weight of the evidence” approach, which is based on valuation, investor sentiment, technical market action, and analysis of the global economy. He will also discuss the prospects for a rotation in stock market leadership toward long-term underperformers like Small Cap, Value, and foreign equities.

  • Featured Speaker:  Doug Ramsey, The Leuthold Group, LLC

Recorded May 13, 2020

Listen to the Webinar 1 CFP CE credit available through December 2020

A New Approach to Relative Strength Investing with Leveraged Funds

Objective:  How to construct sector rotation strategies, and how to review relative strength methodology for use when analyzing funds.

The webinar presentation will review fundamentals of leveraged funds, including the one-day investment objective, impact of compounding, and re-balancing considerations over time, as well as review the relative strength methodology and how it can be used to analyze funds.  Presenters will also explore ways in which relative strength can be used to construct sector rotation strategies with various funds and how to incorporate these strategies in tactical portfolios.

Featured Speakers:

  • Leks Gerlak, CFA, Tactical Investment Strategist, ProShares|ProFunds and Ben Jones, Senior Analyst, Nasdaq Dorsey Wright

Recorded October 15, 2019

Listen to the Webinar

Understanding the Benefits and Risks of Using Inverse and Leveraged Funds

After nearly a decade of strong equity market returns, we’ve seen signs of a turning tide. Inverse investing may help to potentially smooth out turbulence in your portfolio. Hedging a losing position may also save you from selling low into a down market, causing a taxable event or disrupting your long-term investment goals. On the other hand, if you have conviction that this bull market has some legs left, leveraged investing offers a way to participate with less capital commitment.  Topics of discussion include:

  • The Basics of Inverse Investing
  • Applying a Hedge in Different Market Conditions
  • Hedging in a Portfolio Context
  • The Basics of Leveraged Investing

Featured Speakers: Roya Vassell, Tactical Relationship Manager, ProShares  |  ProFunds and Leks Gerlak, CFA, Investment Strategist, ProShares

Recorded on December 11, 2018

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  • Navigating Uncertain Markets – Risk and Reward

Edward Egilinsky, Managing Director-Head of Alternatives leads a focused educational discussion of how disciplined investors can navigate uncertainty in the global financial markets. The presentation will explore a variety of topics affecting all market participants, including:

  • Impact of “Trade War” headlines and opportunities to trade on
  • Rising interest rates and ways to potentially benefit
  • Possible return of higher volatility and how leverage and inverse can be utilized
  • Incorporating tactical tools into your money management process
  • Alternative strategy ideas to diversify traditional portfolios

Recorded October 24, 2018

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  • Mining the NAAIM Indicator Wall

The NAAIM Indicator Wall provides members with a weekly update on an array of stock market indicators. The wall includes readings and explanations of indicators and/or models in the areas of price/trend, momentum, key price levels, overbought/sold readings, sentiment, monetary, economic, inflation, and market cycles.  NAAIM Indicator Wall creator and 2018 NAAIM Shark Tank Winner, Dave Moenning, Heritage Capital Research, will explain how the Indicator Wall can help with the development of a strategy resulting in real money results.   He will also be offering examples of how the Indicator Wall has been used by other NAAIM members in their practice.

Recorded September 25, 2018

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  • Swimming with the Sharks: How 2018 Shark Tank Winner Dave Moenning Manages Risk

At this year’s Shark Tank Portfolio Strategy competition, Dave Moenning presented his firm’s flagship risk management strategy, which strives to stay in tune with the major cycles in the stock market while limiting turnover. When asked to succinctly sum up the strategy’s objective, Moenning explained, “This is a ‘core’ risk management strategy. The goal is to stay in tune with the risk/reward environment of the market and to get the big moves mostly right, most of the time – without a lot of trading.” In this webinar, Dave will review his longer-term approach to his multiple model, risk-managed approach.

David Moenning began his investment career in 1980 and has been an independent money manager since 1987. Dave founded his own firm, Heritage Capital Management, in 1989, which emphasized a risk managed approach to the markets. Most recently, Dave was Chief Investment Officer for an RIA firm responsible for $1.2 billion. Dave is Past President and Chairman of the National Association of Active Investment Managers (NAAIM). Dave served as President during the 2013 fiscal year and Vice President/Agenda chair during the 2012 fiscal year. Dave resides with his wife Catherine of 38 years and their 3 dogs in Golden, Colorado.

Recorded September 6, 2018


  • How To Invest And Protect Your Assets In A Risky Geopolitical Environment | John Kosar, CMT, Chief  Market Strategist, Asbury Research, LLC
NOTE:  The webinar is accepted for one hour of CFP® CE Credit for live webcast attendees

Being in the 10th year of the 2009 advance in the US stock market, with hardly a meaningful correction, is risky enough.  That’s before you add in emerging global trade wars, geopolitical strife between the US and its closest allies, the threat of emerging inflation, and an upcoming and hotly contested mid-term election.  In this webinar, John Kosar, Chief Market Strategist of Asbury Research and Asbury Investment Management, displays and discusses some of the metrics, processes, and risk management controls that enables his clients to continue investing during risky environments, by focusing on where to buy as much — if not more — than what to buy.

Recorded August 15, 2018.


Translating In-House Research into Cutting Edge Investment Solutions – 10/27/2015 – John McClure, ProfitScore Capital Management and 2015 Shark Tank First Place Winner

LISTEN TO THE RECORDED PRESENTATION – To learn more about ProfitScore’s cutting edge, and successful strategies including the 2015 Shark Tank Winning Strategy, “ProfitScore Long/Short US Treasuries (LSGB)” program.