The question of the day remains largely the same as it has been for the past four trading sessions: Will a modest breakout to new all-time highs mean that the rally that began on February 4 continue or become just another maddening “breakout fakeout?”

To be honest, only time will tell. However, the business of investing is about staying on the right side of the really big, important move. So, while we can’t know what the future will hold – especially in this day and age when the algos can push the S&P 500 up or down 1 percent just for the heck of it – we CAN try to make sure the odds are in our favor before we make a commitment.

So, this morning, we will attempt to do just that by running down our list of important market models to see where they stand in the hopes that perhaps a theme will emerge.

Putting The Odds of Success In Your Favor

To be sure, there are no perfect indicators. There is no holy grail that will get an investor in the market at the bottom every time and out at the top. Not gonna happen. No way, no how. Doesn’t matter how many PhD’s you put on the project or how much computing power you have. Ms. Market’s game simply cannot be mastered with a magic indicator.

However, one CAN attempt to put the odds of being on the right side of the market in their favor by developing a series of unemotional, mathematically-based, market models.

To clarify, we are NOT talking about creating a black box which spits out magical buy and sell signals. No, we are talking about ways to quantify the market’s historical drivers and tendencies.

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