“We’ve gotten used to thinking of a zero interest rate as normal—it’s far from normal.”

Fed Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer

I wrote a piece in Forbes this week titled “Rate Hike Ahead, Bond Model Says Sell”.  The gist of the piece is about a tug of war between opposing views on the direction of interest rates. The outcome of this contest will enrich some and demoralize others.

Trend evidence suggests that rates are moving higher.  As you may know, we rebuilt a model with the help of our friends at Ned Davis Research that the late great Marty Zweig created in the mid-80s.  It signaled this week that the trend in rates has changed, suggesting it is best to shorten maturity exposure.  I share a few ideas in the Forbes piece.

I’m not sure just how valuable a 10-year Treasury paying 2.10% is to a portfolio.  Yet the total return would be very nice indeed should rates fall to 1% by year end.  Conversely, because the starting place is low, the risk of loss is exponentially elevated than if rates were at, say, 4%.  I conclude that now, more than ever, is the time to have a tactical process in place that can help you manage your duration exposure.

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Steve Blumenthal

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