Despite the two-day pullback this week, the S&P 500 (NYSE: SPY) begins “hump day” with a gain of 25.36 percent so far in 2013. And yet, everybody – yes, even those in the bull camp – seems to be more than a little nervous right about now.

The Bears Should Be Nervous

For all of those who have been coming to work each day with their bear hats donned, it isn’t surprising that they might be a tad uncomfortable at the present time.

The major indices are at all-time highs. The economies of the globe are improving. And the calamities that were prognosticated to occur at the beginning of the year have failed to materialize. So, instead of a 20+ percent gain, the glass-is-half-empty crowd may not have much to show for the year. Nervous indeed.

But why should the bulls be nervous?

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