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Agenda Committee

Ryan Redfern
(512) 689-5512

The Agenda Committee plans the NAAIM annual Uncommon Knowledge conference and Outlook Conference, including speakers, agenda, golf and all social events and the Shark Tank Competition.

Marketing Committee

Matt Spangler
(405) 509-2553

The Marketing Committee objective is to promote membership in NAAIM through recruitment of new members and retention of the existing membership base. The committee oversees and sets procedures for following up with prospective members, including composition of the membership information mailing, letter to prospects and personal follow-up. It also oversees the renewal process, membership director, membership mailing list and prospect list.

Programs Committee

Matt Spangler
(405) 509-2553

The objective of the programs committee is to attract new regular and associate members to NAAIM by developing and facilitating innovative programs that will provide value to the membership while continuing to oversee existing programs including NAAIM Founders Award, NAAIM Shark Tank, NAAIM Indicator Wall and the NAAIM Exposure Index.

Sponsorship Committee

Paul Schatz
(203) 389-3553

The purpose of the Sponsorship Committee is to grow and improve existing and prospective sponsor relationships with the goal of mutual growth through symbiotic, value-added benefits for sponsors and NAAIM membership. Sponsor relationships are developed from the myriad businesses of NAAIM members and include Service Providers (administrative, legal, software, business, marketing, advice); Investment Providers (custodial, products); and Business Alliances (brokers, record keepers, Web/Internet providers). Benefits to sponsors and members include education and networking opportunities, web tools, product development, joint marketing and promotion of the active management industry.

NAAIM Founders Award Committee

David Daughtrey
(480) 348-2100

The NAAIM Founders Award is a competition for academic papers supporting the cause of active management. The committee plans and executes the request for papers, the judging of papers submitted, and the presentations of winning papers at the Uncommon Knowledge conference.

NAAIM Active Investing Strategy Competition Committee

David Moenning
(720) 520-2955

The NAAIM Active Investing Strategy Competition (formerly called the “Shark Tank Competition”) was created in 2014 to help NAAIM members¬† gain exposure to new ideas in asset management and identify¬† potential new business relationships during conferences.¬† The purpose of the the Committee is to plan and execute both the preliminary and annual NAAIM Active Investing Strategy Competitions.

NAAIM Investment Committee

David Bush
(845) 282-0180

The Investment Committee suggests investment guidelines and periodically conducts requests for proposals for management of NAAIM savings from the NAAIM membership.