For most of the summer, the speculation was out there. How would it end? (BTW – DVR users – no spoiler alert necessary for this article.) Which main characters, if any, would survive? TV chat boards were filled with nervousness and lots of guesses.

As the 9/29 airing of the last episode of the AMC hit, Breaking Bad, approached, the uncertainty increased. Would the ending be as unsatisfying as some of the past big TV hits (like the open-ended Sopranos or Lost, or the more recent Dexter)?

Last night we found out, and so far all the talk has agreed with my own impression – that this was the best finale we’ve seen in a very long time – or perhaps ever. So, if you haven’t fired up your DVR yet to catch the recording or if you were planning to watch one of the repeat broadcasts, watch it tonight. The rest of us can only keep mum so long in response to your pleas of “Don’t tell me, I haven’t watched it yet.”

Of course, the same guessing games and uncertainty are still pervading the stock and bond markets. First, it was “Would they or wouldn’t they…taper that is?” Stocks sold off from an all-time high on August 2nd as the world waited for an answer. When the answer came, a relief rally ensued, and yet another all-time new high was registered by the stock indexes on September 18th.

Yet as we had warned in our September 16th post, the second half of September has not been forgiving – even when stocks have registered YTD gains, as was the case this year. Right on cue they began to fall after the 18th, and they have been falling almost ever since. Talk about Breaking Bad. When the market opened today, the Dow was quickly down over 170 points!

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