Young and old alike celebrated Halloween last week, albeit in soggy fashion in much of the nation.

The good news, according to some media sources, was that the Obama administration was finally able to demonstrate a successful “web launch.” The orange-themed White House was dramatically decorated for Halloween with giant black spider webs and the First Couple, in full costume, greeted hundreds of delighted trick-or-treaters.

Unfortunately, trick-or-treating was postponed for safety reasons in many areas as a fierce storm moved across the middle of the U.S., with extremely high winds up to 50 mph in 12 states and several tornado reports. Sadly, there was some loss of life, as hazardous flooding accompanied the often violent wind and rain.

Watching the weather stories on Halloween, my thoughts turned to another storm of note, Hurricane Sandy, which had its first anniversary, coincidentally, last week. It was hard not to make this leap, as the major networks had been running numerous one-year-later retrospectives on Sandy.

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