Dexter P. Lyons Blog Update:

As of Thursday,  June 4, 2015, SPY is up 2.7% vs 1.7% since 12/31/15 with a Maximum Draw Down (MDD) Loss of  3.5% vs 2.5%.
I am still 50% invested in a multi-strategy income producing fund and I have 50% in cash because I have not conviction or confidence that the market will reward me for taking risk.

Bottom line, as my ole buddy Bon Beasley would say “sometimes you win by not losing”

I am now 51 years young and I have worked very hard for the money that God has blessed me with so my job is to protect what I have and grow it when the “time” is right.
Right now the “time” is not right which simply means that the market is punishing risk takers instead of rewarding them, IMHO.  READ MORE