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NAAIM Active Investing Strategy Competition

NAAIM’s Active Investing Strategy Competition (aka the NAAIM “Shark Tank”) was created to help members gain exposure to new ideas in asset management and identify potential new business relationships

Each year, the National Association of Active Investment Managers (NAAIM) hosts a competition to search out the best actively managed investment strategies. NAAIM’s Active Investing Strategy Competition was launched in 2013 to provide an opportunity for managers to showcase their active investment strategies, models and signals and to provide membership with opportunities to develop relationships with other active managers.

If you are looking for distribution opportunities for your investment strategy NAAIM’s Active Investing Strategy Competition Can Help!


Next Competition to be Announced


2020 Strategy Categories

NAAIM’s Active Investing Strategy Competitions are strategy category specific. Active stock managers compete only against other stock picking strategies. Asset allocators face off against asset allocators. Tactical managers versus tactical managers, etc.

The strategy categories being accepted for the May 3, 2020 Uncommon Knowledge Competition are:

  • Active Bond/Fixed Income Strategies: Investing strategies utilizing an actively managed approach to the Bond/Fixed Income markets.

  • Active Stock Selection Strategies: Investing strategies that apply active “selection alpha” to a portfolio of individual equities.

  • Strategic Allocation Strategies: Investing strategies employing an actively managed, strategic approach to asset allocation.

  • Tactical Stock Market Strategies: Investing strategies utilizing a tactical approach to the management of the U.S. stock market. Note that leverage is limited to 2x for this competition.

  • Alternatives Strategies: Investing strategies applying active management techniques to alternative asset classes or utilize an alternative approach to managing traditional asset classes.

Competition Process – Postponed until further notice

Preliminary Round of Competition: From the applications received, a preliminary round of competition will be held online via GoToWebinar at a prearranged time.

Each manager selected to participate in the preliminary round of competition will make a 7-minute presentation (this is a hard deadline) to the NAAIM Investing Strategy Committee, which will be recorded. A question/answer session with committee members will be conducted during your preliminary presentation or at a later date.

Finalist Selection: The NAAIM Investing Strategy Competition Committee will select the finalists based on the quality of the strategy and presentation, strategy tenure and track record, portfolio statistics, and the committee’s view of potential adoption success.

The Finals: To be announced

How To Apply

Managers wishing to participate in the upcoming event must submit an application to the committee.  Once submitted you will receive an email from NAAIM to schedule your online presentation


Who May Participate:

The Uncommon Knowledge 2020 NAAIM Active Investing Strategy Competition is open to all trading and investing professionals who have developed an investment strategy with a live, verifiable, real money track record.

Note:  NAAIM membership is not required to participate in the preliminary round of competition, but is required to present at the Finals Competition.

The Rules:

Here’s a link to the competition rules:  Uncommon Knowledge 2020 Shark Tank – RULES


Category Winners Prize Package
– Promotion to NAAIM Membership
– Live Meetings with Manager-of-Managers Firms
– $1,000 Cash Prize

2020 Grand Prize
*** Live Distribution and Promotion on TAMP Offering ***

1st place category winners will be considered for the Grand Prize – A distribution slot on Global View Capital Management’s TAMP offering.

Global View’s TAMP focuses on active investment managers. Pending due diligence approval by Global View, the winning strategy will be promoted to Global View’s advisor base and the manager will receive an invitation to the firm’s annual conference. Global View currently hosts three recent NAAIM competition winners and has raised more than $100 million in AUM for previous Active Investing Strategy Competition winners over the past three years.

Note: NAAIM Membership is required to participate in the live NAAIM Active Investing Strategy Competition Finals.



What past winners say about the competition…

“I can’t say enough about the NAAIM Shark Tank Strategy Competition or the NAAIM community in general.  Having recently left a CIO position at a large RIA firm, I was looking for an opportunity to showcase my new consulting service. The strategy I presented to the Shark Tank was very well received and within 6 months of the competition, I had acquired 8 new business relationships. I am pleased to report that my services are now promoted on 4 multi-manager platforms and I have a multitude of advisors to work with.  I would encourage anyone looking to promote their business to participate in the NAAIM Shark Tank Strategy Competition.”

David Moenning – 1st Place Winner – 2018
Chief Investment Officer, Heritage Capital Research

“I entered the Shark Tank for the 2015 competition. I had sold my prior company years earlier but had a non-compete until 2014 when I sold my remaining shares and decided to take my 12 year EVO trading system and track record to the Shark Tank challenge.  After placing third, my assets began to grow substantially, even before winning the competition last year.  Today our assets primarily through licensing, using just the EVO strategy, have grown to $370m.  I have to credit my participation in the Shark Tank for the exposure in getting to this level.”

Rich Paul – 1st place winner – 2017
President, Potomac Advisors

“Winning NAAIM’s Shark Tank strategy competition has been invaluable on many levels. As a manager previously immersed solely in the hedge fund world, joining NAAIM opened several new avenues of opportunity I simply hadn’t been aware of before. Additionally, the community of fellow tactically-oriented managers willing to share ideas and resources was a truly welcome surprise. Without question, the Shark Tank victory has helped my business grow, and I believe that my continued association with NAAIM will only help further the future growth of my business.”

David Bush – 1st place winner – 2016
Managing Member, Alphatative LLC



Previous Winners:

2019 Outlook | Stock Selection Category:  Bill Davis, Stance Capital LLC – Stance Equity ESG Large Cap Core
2019 Outlook | Tactical Stock Market Strategy: John Worthington, Dauble+Worthington Equity Portfolios – D+W Sector Rotation
2019: Len Fox, Scarecrow Trading – Symphonic Index
2018: David Moenning, Heritage Capital Research – The Risk Manager
2017: Rich Paul, Potomac Advisors – EVO
2016: David Bush, Alphatative LLC – Stratversify
2015: John McClure, ProfitScore Capital Management
2014: Len Fox, Scarecrow Trading – Crow Chaser